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Фотометр белизны бумаги и цветовых характеристик

Фотометр белизны бумаги и цветовых характеристик
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Безизномер (фотометр белизны бумаги и цветовых характеристик)
ISO 2469, ISO 2470, ISO 2471, ISO 9416, GB/T 7974, GB/T 1543, GB/T 10339, GB/T 10339, GB/T 2913, GB/T 13025.2,  GB/T 5950, GB/T 8424.2, GB/T 9338, GB/T 13173.14, GB/T 13835.7, GB/T 22427.6, FZ-T50013
Описание и принцип работы
Фотометр белизны и цветовых характеристик предназначен для измерения белизны бумаги, картона по ISO 2469, ISO 2470, ISO 2471, ISO 9416 координат цвета и цветности отражающих материалов.

ZB-B Whiteness tester

The instrument mainly used to measure the brightness and whiteness,applied in paper,
cardboard,textile, painting ,chemical building materials, plastic , cement ,food, salt,
ceramics cosmetic etc, Like the following:
1. Measure ISO(R457) and fluorescent material’s fluorescent whiteness
2. Measure Light stimulus value Y10
3. Measure opacity op
4. Measure transparency T
5. Measure light scattering coefficient S and optical absorption coefficient A
6. Measure ink absorption value

Main Features
1.Has excellent appearance and compact structure ,and advanced circuit design can
ensure accurate and stable measurement data.
2.Simulate D65 illuminator to illuminate.
3.Adopted d/o illuminating--geometrical viewing conditions.Diameter of the globe of
diffusion is 150mm and diameter of the testing hole is 30mm.Light absorber is
provide to eliminate the effect of mirror reflection.
4.Adopted large color touch screen.English display and prompt steps can show the
results of measurement and statistics. Good human-machine interface makes the
instrument easy to operate.
5.Added the printer and used the imported Thermal Printer , no need to use ink and
colored tape, no noise and fast speed.
6.Equipped with RS232 interface can communicate with the computer software
7.Has power-off protection, Correct data would not lose
Технические характеристики
Power supply 220V±10%, 50Hz
Zero drift ≤0.1%
Indicating drift ≤0.1%
Indicating error ≤0.5%
Repetitive error ≤0.1%
Specular reflectance error ≤0.1%
Sample size diameter ≥30mm ; thickness≤ 40mm
Dimension 360*264*400mm
Net weight 20kg
Прибор производство Китай. Имеет англоязычное меню. Все акссесуары. В эксплуатации не был. Отгружается, как есть. Вы сможете приехать в нашу компанию и проверить его в работе перед покупкой.
  • ISO
    ISO 2469, ISO 2470, ISO 2471, ISO 9416
  • ТР ТС
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